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  • Solar Power Packs: Solar power packs are ideal for residential and commercial applications in rural and semi urban areas with limited or no grid supply. Bhaskar Solar’s power pack solutionsprovide relief on expensive diesel generator costssaving on recurring expenses. It therefore renders a low maintenance, silent and pollution-free alternative to diesel generators. The company provides customized solar energy solutions that are of robust design and can be easily maintained.
  • Pumps: A solar water pump provides an alternative and reliable solution to diesel pumps with no recurring expenses covering all necessities from irrigation to household demands. Bhaskar Solar’s water pumps provide 100% natural and eco-friendly solutions and combines state of the art technology with sustainable, energy efficient solutions to provide a reliable water supply system for remote applications with little or no access to electricity/ water for rural and semi urban applications.

Home System

  • Solar Home Solutions: Villagers can now have access to electricity by investing in their own solar home solutions and are no longer required to wait till the national grid is extended to their areas. Bhaskar Solar has made many household level installations in rural India and has been awarded with the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Urja award for maximum number of installations in 2005.

    Solar home solutions are safe and pollution free unlike kerosene lamps. They offer a long life and a low recurring cost. Banks, institutions, schools and hospitals can also take advantage of the SHS system to light their own premises with the equivalent or higher savings on energy costs depending upon demand for power.
  • Lanterns: Bhaskar Solar lanterns offermost convenient and user friendly solutions to limited power supply. Solar lanterns offer tremendous benefits to villagers on household work and activities. Children make use of lanterns to study during exams and kitchens have light during household cooking times at night. Emergency lamp /applications in disaster management (with solar power as the only source) /outdoor sports
  • Garden Lighting: Bhaskar Solar provides customized solar energy solutions that serve the dual purpose of energy savings and improvement of garden aesthetics, pathways, patios and landscapes. There is an extensive range of options that is worth exploring and is a worthwhile investment in places where “solar light beautification” is considered ahealthy alternative to standard aesthetic solutions.

Community Solutions

  • Solar Street Lights: Bhaskar Solar excels in providing community level solutions with street lights as a service to the community and its people especially in rural areas. Street lights in interiors of villages are a rare luxury to villagers even today and Bhaskar Solar has often collaborated with village level heads and panchayat bodies for street light installations to overcome challenges related to community power outages.
  • BIPV: Building integrated power solutions are increasingly becoming the standard norms of the industry when roof top space is inadequate. Such PV installations also augment the visible appeal of buildings and Bhaskar Solar has been one of the few Indian companies who have successfully offered BIPV solutions at offshore locations and sites.
bhaskar sol
bhaskar solar