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Considered as one of the largest telecom energy and comprehensive maintenance service providers in India, Bhaskar Solarpresently has more than 4000 plus telecom sites under management.Bhaskar Solar is on one of the fastest growing companiesin this space and is also a leading player providing EPC solutions. The company has been a pioneer in introducing web based Network Operating Centre (NOC) application whereby the operations team is able to deliver best in class uptime for the customer through timely alerts and forecasts.


  • Indus: Bhaskar Solar is proudly partnering with the largest telecom tower company of India in energy and EPC services and has been recognized by Indus CEO over its performance.
  • VIOM: VIOM networks ltd. is the largest independent tower company of the country and is one of our valued customers. ESPL is proud to partner with them in providing comprehensive services for their towers at two circles.
  • BSNL: BSNL, one of the largest public sector units in India, has been one of Bhaskar Solar’s most prestigious clients. The company provides a range of telecom services in India.
  • Idea: Bhaskar Solar provides energy management services to the leading telecom company in the country.
  • Idea: American Tower Company, the leading telecom tower company globally is also Bhaskar Solar’s major client in energy and EPC services.
bhaskar sol
bhaskar solar